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MeloMelo Kava Bar

Kava Kit

Kava Kit

Peppery | Calming | Uplifting

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Our Kava Kits are fully equip for you to enjoy kava at home!

One kit consists of two 24oz coconut shells and stands, one Strainer Bag, 1/4 pound of kava, and preparation instructions

These Kava kits feature the Borogu varietal from Vanuatu 

From the heart of Vanuatu, Borogu kava is a bold, yet inviting, kava experience distinct in its rich and peppery flavor profile. This kava is a celebration of stronger tastes, featuring robust pepper notes grounded in an earthy base, perfect for the seasoned kava enthusiast or those looking to dive deeper into traditional Kava flavors.

The 'Borogu' blend is a 70/30 mix of laterals and stump, creating a harmonious balance that delivers both an anchoring body and uplifting head high. This blend is known for its euphoric effects, offering a noticeable calming sensation that makes it an ideal choice for shared moments of relaxation and connection.

With its medium-dark color, Borogu hints at the depth and intensity of the experience it provides. Unique to this variety is its exclusive availability in Kava Kits, making it perfect for those who wish to share the kava experience with friends.

Directly sourced from Santo Island in Vanuatu, 'Borogu' carries with it a legacy of careful cultivation and a deep understanding of the Kava plant from the generations of those who have tended to it. This blend is not just a beverage but a gateway to the rich culture and tradition of Vanuatu that promises to uplift, calm, and connect you and your friends in the spirit of Vanuatu's Kava culture.

Available in: Kava Kits

Blend: Waka (laterals) / Lawena (stump) - 70% / 30%

Tasting notes: Bold pepper and earth notes

Recommended for: Kava Explorers

Origin: Vanuatu

Effects: euphoric, calming, slightly “stimulating” body-focused relaxation


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