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MeloMelo Kava Bar

MeloMelo Blend [Vanuatu]

MeloMelo Blend [Vanuatu]

Peppery | Calming | Uplifting

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From the lush island landscapes of Vanuatu, the Melomelo blend of kava presents a rich, captivating experience, setting itself apart from our other Kava offerings. This blend is characterized by a pronounced pepper flavor, intertwined with subtle earthen and vegetal qualities, creating a deeply satisfying and balanced taste profile. It offers just the right amount of stimulation, combined with a mild euphoria, perfect for those seeking a nuanced Kava journey.

In Vanuatu, "melomelo" is a local Bislama term that refers to the blend's calming effects - although it’s still quite strong by most kava drinker’s standards. The Melomelo blend features a carefully crafted 70/30% mixture of laterals to stump, a blend that originates from the deeply knowledgeable Kava cultivators of Vanuatu which ensures a unique and delightful sensory experience, both calming to the body and stimulating to the mind. This delicate balance makes the Melomelo blend an ideal choice for those seeking both relaxation and a gentle lift in spirits. 

Available in: ½ lb and 1 lb sizes

Blend: Laterals/Stump - 70% / 30%

Tasting notes: Easy to drink, very mild pepper and earth notes

Recommended for: Kava Explorers

Origin: Vanuatu

Effects: calming, slightly “stimulating,” mind and body high

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