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Savusavu Lawena [Fiji]

Savusavu Lawena [Fiji]

Peppery | Calming | Uplifting

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From the tranquil northern islands of Fiji, Savusavu lawena kava offers a serene, relaxing experience, setting it apart from the more stimulating waka varieties. This kava is ideal for those seeking a soothing body high with less energizing effects, providing a peaceful retreat at the end of a busy day or a calm weekend unwind.

Savusavu lawena is characterized by its deep vegetal flavors melded with rich earthen qualities, delivering a taste and mouthfeel that is both complex and satisfying. 

As a 100% lawena blend from Fiji's northern islands of Vanua Levu, it boasts a noticeably different taste from the Vula Kavas, offering a unique experience to those familiar with Fijian Kava. The color of Savusavu lawena is a light, creamy coffee shade, indicative of its milder and soothing nature.

Sourced directly from the dedicated Fijian Kava growers, Savusavu lawena represents a tradition of careful cultivation and a deep understanding of the kava plant. This kava  is a testament to the rich heritage and diverse terroir that Fiji's islands have to offer. 

Available in: ½ lb and 1 lb sizes

Blend: 100% Lawena (stump) 

Tasting notes: woody and earthy with a hint of pepper

Recommended for: Kava Explorers

Origin: Fiji

Effects: relaxing, not-so “stimulating,” body-calming

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