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Temo 100% Laterals (Solomon Islands)

Temo 100% Laterals (Solomon Islands)

Peppery | Calming | Uplifting

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Drinking this 100% lateral Temo kava invites thoughtful and connective conversations with those around you and deep creative expression with its unique composition of uplifting effects and distinct flavor.

Sourced from the Temotu province in the Solomon Islands (Named "Temo" by the indigenous people who cultivate this Kava as a nod to its origins), this kava varietal has been carefully tended to for generations because of its energizing effects. It offers a taste profile that combines medium pepper with spicy, earthy notes, perfect for stimulating the mind before a writing session or to share amongst friends for an evening gathering.

This kava balances a powerful flavor and slightly numbing mouthfeel with a soft mental alertness, great for fostering engaging conversations. Recommended for those who are interested in exploring the tastes and effects at the fringes of what Kava has to offer.

This 100% lateral blend promises a potent and stimulating Kava experience that connects you to the rich traditions and culture of its Pacific homeland.

Available in: ½ lb and 1 lb sizes

Blend: 100% Lateral roots

Tasting notes: Peppery, spicy, earthy

Recommended for: Kava Enthusiasts

Origin: Solomon Islands

Effects: Slight anesthetizing mouthfeel, mental stimulation, slight calming


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