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Vula Waka [Fiji]

Vula Waka [Fiji]

Peppery | Calming | Uplifting

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From the shores of Fiji, Vula waka kava is a smooth, uplifting Kava experience distinct from traditional wakas. Its gentle, non-astringent flavor is ideal for folks who are new to Kava and offers a heady effect that subtly alters perception. Its stimulating nature makes it a choice companion for daytime or early evening engagements, though it might be wise to avoid immediately before bedtime.

Sourced with care from the southern island of Kadavu in Fiji directly from native kava cultivators that have been tending to this particular varietal since it came to be, Vula waka stands out with its beige leather-like color, a departure from the darker hues of other kavas. This 100% waka assures an invigorating Kava experience that will uplift and enliven all who sip from its cup.

Available in: ½ lb and 1 lb sizes

Blend: 100% Waka (laterals) Tasting notes: Smooth, mild pepper and earth notes

Recommended for: Everyone

Origin: Fiji

Effects: Uplifting, heady, slight perception shift, invigorating - We recommend not drinking immediately before bedtime

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